Horrible new install experience

What on earth is with the 30mins + install time on a fresh install of nuxos from scratch. My god… its the worst experience ive come across. Is it competing with gentoo recompiling each package?

Its stuck on 46% install like for ever … slower then half frozen molasses


If you Toggle logs in the installer, you will be able to see what’s happening, see also Install freezes at 46% and NixOS Freez on 46% install

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Thanks but its not being installed in a vm but in my local machine directly that has 28Gb.

I had the same issue with 2311 but everything is fine and normal on 2305

Not sure what else to try. Besides there should be not hacking or tweaking to the installation process.

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Also to add i did toggle to see the verbose output during install and everything is literally scrolling at molasses speed.

There is no issue with my 28gb of ram nor no issues with my evo ssd

I dont experience not even 2/8 of this issue during a fresh install on either solus fedora or on any one of the ubuntu derivatives

Another colleague of mine experienced the same issue also.

Plus similar slowness is experienced during rebuilds, even though ive imported my own cachix

That’s a fairly odd amount of RAM.
Is there anything else peculiar about your setup? While I agree that installation should be hassle-free in an ideal world, weird hardware can, in principle, make a difference there if it falls outside the boundaries of what the software can handle.