PRs in distress

An RFC42 PR waiting to be merged

I’m new to contributing to NixOS, may I know what are the next steps to get reviewers to this PR →

I don’t see an option to attach reviewers etc.

What would be a normal ETA for such things?

Thank you

@siddarthkay , there is PRs ready for review _ that seems more adequate to start with.

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I need Darwin gurus to fix the issues in this package:

Also, I would like some Darwin user to share maintainership, but not urgent.

I need Darwin gurus to take a look at this PR pls, its a macOS only package and it has 2 approvals.
Looking for next steps to merge.

Thank you.!

Hey, can we get the “shiny” python library merged? (and shinywidgets and htmltools)

There is an (now outdated) PR here: python310Packages.{shiny, rsconnect_*} by nviets · Pull Request #231189 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

Any help to get these merged would be greatly appreciated:

Reminder that this thread is for PRs that have you stumped and need input to get unstuck.
If what you’re requesting is a review/merge, then please at least first post a couple of times in PRs ready for review _

Likely should’ve posted here in the first place, but created a separate help request at: Help with packaging complex Rust library

Basically looking for someone with more familiarity with packaging Rust libraries to help me out.