PRs ready for review _

May I have some eyes on my PR? It’s about 3 weeks old at this point.

Here is my PR to update a 3ds emulator (9 days since posted):

It’s been a couple of weeks since anyone looked at this PR, it could really use a review

This PR has been reviewed and it has been out there for a while! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

If it has been reviewed, it probably belongs in

Opened two weeks ago: [Edit 2020-04-22: Has been approved now. :tada:]
First step to make that shell usable as a login shell on NixOS.

Related forum thread:

I have got this one! Which is a browser. It got reviewed and the changes were approuved!

Thank you guys!

NOTE: I will be adding the backports to this post later today

Approved by two reviewers (including me):

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I’ve got an update to macvim that needs review. This update is a little special in that the current macvim derivation is broken as of Xcode 11.4 so it needs to restore compatibility in addition to the normal version update.

I’ve got an update that needs review / merging, lots (4) people have looked at it and multiple have signed off, but I think so far no one has signed off who can merge it.

For anyone that likes minimal window managers, here are two packages that will add to Nixpkgs bevy of cool window managers:

Can someone review please :slight_smile:

Repost but still waiting for a review:

This is done and waiting for review, should be an easy one.

I’ve got a couple of items waiting for review. These are reposts but it’s been a while.

This needs someone who cares about macOS. And I’d really like to get it in sooner than later because macvim is currently broken with Xcode 11.4.

This one got reviewed by @Profpatsch a month ago but nothing since then. It needs a re-review.

Lily Ballard via NixOS Discourse writes:

This one got reviewed by @Profpatsch a month ago but nothing since then. It needs a re-review.

Yep, sorry, I still have it open and look at it once in a while, but
haven’t had time to think about the testing issue. I suggest we merge
and think about tests as a followup.

Some Robot Operating System (ROS) dependencies I’m working on upstreaming:

An Esperanto dictionary for the command line:

PR got comments from someone who successfully tested it, but so far no code review, yet.

I wonder whether me implementing this as three packages is the right approach:

  • package prevo-tools provides

    • the executable prevodb to pre-process the dictionary data
    • the executable prevo to query the dictionary (requiring the pre-processed data)

    They’re build from the same source code repo and have a relation similar to the one between updatedb and locate.

  • package prevo-data provides the pre-processed dictionary data (using prevodb from prevo-tools at build-time)

  • package prevo links the other two packages together, so that the prevo command will use the data from prevo-data by default. (Can be overridden by a command line option.)

A Python electrophysiology package, the packaging of which is quite simple:

I’ve been successfully using this feature daily for seven weeks.