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Is this an appropriate place to cheerlead for a PR (not mine) that I think is important, if it hasn’t seen any feedback since it was last updated? Or is this mostly about relatively simple stuff that’s easy to review?

If it needs reviews, why not?

I’ve been watching this PR which adds binary executable wrappers to Nixpkgs as an alternative to shell-based executable wrappers. It might seem niche, but it solves a portability problem for wrapped interpreters in Nixpkgs which has existed for several years now and is painful for macOS users. (Maybe @toonn has some interest in tracking or mentioning the progress of this effort as a more minor issue in Nix 🖤 macOS Monthly ?)

Reviewers will need to know something about C, and activity today indicates that the author (@bergkvist) is still actively investigating new ways to ensure the implementation is robust and safe. But I just wanted to kinda boost its visibility and try to ensure that the PR author knows that his diligence is appreciated and that the feature that he’s working on is valued, because it seems like a tough PR to review and like he’s put quite some effort into it over the course of a few months now. I want him to feel visible and appreciated as he keeps at it.


Been working on this since May & I think I’ve finally tested everything there is to test and ran out of things to add while waiting for a review.

shows rather nice system diagnostic information… now in glorious colour, believe it or not.

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Caprine is a third-party Facebook Messenger client, and this is the binary package for appimage-x86_64 and dmg-x86_64.

I have personally been using it (the Appimage one) for moths, and I think it’s ready to get merged. There’s also a package request about Caprine.

backport from unstable to 21.11 i think this could even back ported to 21.05 too

A performance improvement for python-protobuf by fixing the C++ backend: python.pkgs.protobuf: Fix cpp backend by knedlsepp · Pull Request #147016 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

We do a new version every two weeks (now every three weeks during the holidays). Our company is not really nix friendly, but we have a few nix users that want to spend some company time to make our tooling available for the nix community. Do you think it’s a bit too much if I push new versions every two weeks, and should we maybe consider having our own repo for our nix setup?

Also I’d love to help with reviews, I think nix is one of the most important projects I’ve found in the past few years.

Mac users please check this:

simple one :slight_smile:

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