Recap and Call to Action: NixCon North America All Hands

Last week, we held an All Hands to kickoff the planning of NixCon’s first North America event. Huge thanks to the entire team who’s jumped on board and to those joining!
We need a few more hands, more info below! :slightly_smiling_face:

Quick recap of the current team and responsibilities:
Right now, our dedicated team consisting of myself, @sarcasticadmin, @zmitchell, @ron, @irabinovitch, @rossturk, @garbas, @tomberek, @djacu, Joshua Van Asakinda, @proofconstruction and @bjth has fulfilled various responsibilities. Here’s a brief overview of the key areas and tasks that are in progress:

  • Logistics: coordinating venue and registration.
  • CFP and program development: inviting and curating an engaging and diverse lineup of speakers for the event.
  • Sponsorship: defining and launching sponsorship tiers to secure partnerships.
  • Documentation & timeline: maintaining a record of the planning process to keep the group aligned on project timelines.
  • Community engagement: engaging and growing the community and encouraging contribution from all members.
  • On-site support: creating a task list of on-site items to ensure smooth operations during the event.

This event remains a collaborative effort, and while we welcome involvement in any aspect of the planning process, there are specific areas where immediate support is crucial. These areas include:

  • Swag: oversee the design, logo creation, vendor collaboration, and order fulfillment for promotional items.
  • Social media & marketing: spearhead marketing and promotion efforts, which includes
  • NixCon NA website: develop and maintain the website with up-to-date information throughout the event’s lifecycle.
  • Post-conference materials: production and distribution of post-conference materials i.e., feedback surveys.

If you possess experience or interest in any of these domains, we would love to hear from you!


Hi, I would love to help out anyway I can. I am new to Nixos and the community. I have done social media & marketing a bit for club nights in Los Angeles, not on a grand scale tho. I can try to help out in that area. I can also help on-site with anything. Let me know if you would like to talk more to see what I can help with.