This Month in Nix Docs - #1 - March 2023

This Month in Nix Docs - #1 - March 2023


You can always find the Documentation Team on Matrix: Nix Documentation. Drop in if you’d like to contribute!

Call for Maintainers

There was a call for maintainers at the beginning of the month that kicked off a revitalization of the team. As part of that process I joined the team along with several other people. You can see the official list here, but I can tell you right now not everyone who contributes is on that list. Thanks to everyone who has chipped in over the last month! If you’d like to get involved you can reach us on Matrix or by opening an issue on NixOS/


Applying to Google Season of Docs 2023

This month we spent time putting together a proposal for Google Season of Docs, which provides funding for documentation-related projects in open source software. The announcement post lists all of the people involved in this process. Thank you to everyone that worked on this!


Formation of the Learning Journey Working Group

Another major undertaking was the formation of a Learning Journey Working Group under the Documentation Team with me (@zmitchell) as the lead. That happened here:

The stated goal of the working group is to figure out how to teach Nix and to determine the content and structure of the documentation that will enable us to do so. Our first project is a set of tutorials that takes new users from first contact with Nix to minimally competent. You can follow that here:

  • #499 Tracking issue - re-shape current content into a structure based on Diataxis
  • #498 Tracking issue - learning journey - nix-shell tutorial

Project Management

Organizing work from people all over the world who volunteer in their off-hours is tough! I’ve proposed that we follow some lightweight project management to keep track of who’s doing what, the status of various projects, etc. You can follow that progress here:

  • #493 Tracking issue - project management infrastructure

The goal is to make it immediately obvious what our current projects are, which steps are required to get to “done”, and which steps are remaining.



Documentation PRs Merged



  • #221645 doc/stdenv: add quotes to run phases with newlines (@raboof)




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So much good work is being done, thank you all :heart: