Documentation project proposal for Google Season of Docs 2023

Today, the Nix documentation team applied for Google Season of Docs 2023 with the project proposal that we collaboratively developed over the past weeks. We expect the announcement of results on Friday 2023-03-31, see the program’s timeline for details.

Please get in touch with the documentation team (or directly with @fricklerhandwerk) if you’re interested in participating in the project in one of the proposed roles. We will set up a proper application and selection procedure in the following weeks.

Many thanks to @olaf @zmitchell @infinisil @jeremiahs, who were involved in drafting, writing, and re-writing the proposal at the worst times of day and night. Special thanks to @ron and @domenkozar from the NixOS Foundation board, who stayed in touch with us, and gave support and advice.

For information on how we got here, see the team’s meeting notes:

My support of the Nix documentation team is sponsored by Antithesis :sparkles:.


Great work. Thank you.

Unfortunately, the project did not get the grant. As is usual in such circumstances, no reasons were stated.

No effort is wasted, though. The documentation team will use the project plan as a guideline to continue its regular work, at a pace according to available volunteer time, and without a pre-determined schedule. If you’re interested to participate in making learning Nix easier, please contact @zmitchell and the Learning Journey Working Group.

Also keep in mind our call for maintainers! We’re still looking for people to coordinate the team effort, and maintain the Nixpkgs and NixOS manuals.


Sad to hear this but I think this is an incredibly important effort that you and the team have put together. Let’s see if we can do something.


Thanks to @ron for organising the sponsorship campaign!

With the funding so far, we can kick-start the project, and are now looking to fill the paid roles for the fist project phase: Editorial lead or Nix expert – Documentation Project 2023 (NixOS Foundation)