Nix 20th - Global Nix Meetups!

Yeah, me neither. All I can think of is a few bars around Belltown/Downtown that have WiFi.

Regardless of venue, topics I’d like to discuss would be 1) how nix enthusiasts are using Nix day-to-day and 2) how nix enthusiasts introduce nix to a wider audience (i.e., at $JOB). I’m suppose to be doing a presentation later in March about Nix (and DevOps) for $JOB so getting ideas / code to share for that would be great / awesome - (my lames ideas thus far are basically running NixOS in qemu and maybe spinning up some EC2 instances with NixOps) and 3) how oftentimes it feels like I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to nix :slight_smile:

It’s a long shot, but I’d be delighted to meet with anyone in the Kyoto/Osaka area!

If anyone needs help getting a spot or food please ping me. We’ve rolled out the grant/funding program via the foundation :slight_smile:
And also if a meeting has been formalized let us know so we can boost it on the other channels as well!

I’m in Indiana (West Lafayette)!


Wow this sounds really cool. How does this work exactly? For the Dresden meetup we are meeting approx. once per month with about 10 people in changing locations, e.g. bars, hackerspaces or cafes. Do we just send you the bill for food and drinks and a photo of us nerds drinking beer?


I’ll make the announcement, most likely tomorrow.


Durham, North Carolina anyone? I would consider organizing…

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We’re organizing an event in Trondheim, Norway drop by in if you want to help plan things out!

Here’s the funding announcement and the form.

Please post the meetup links here!

And let us know if something doesn’t work or isn’t clear about the event funding, since we’re just setting this up I’m sure we haven’t gotten it perfect in the first iteration.



Anyone in the north of England? The UK?

Somewhat coincidentally there’s an event this upcoming weekend which was scheduled before this announcement. Hope to see you there! Login to Meetup | Meetup


We’re planning a Nix Party in Montreal, Quebec on the evening of Friday March 17th! If you’re interested in participating, send me a DM.


Is there anything planned at/around the Chemnitz Linux Days 2023?

Could those that are organizing a meetup fill in

I’m working on a simple website so that we can list all the meetups!


Wasn’t aware of this initiative, but we are coincidentally organising a meetup in Moscow aimed at onboarding beginners: 2023-03-18 - Nix(OS) install party in Moscow

It’s already this Saturday, but I’ll fill in the form anyways.

is the name field the name of the meetup, or of the user?

Name of the event.

(pleasing discourse)

Here’s the preview of the site:

Source: GitHub - NixOS/20th-nix: 20 years of Nix

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I may have found critical mass for an Amsterdam meetup. Unless somebody else is on it I’ll try to register it this week.


Hello from central Slovakia :slight_smile:

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