PRs ready for review [May 2019]

This has been sitting for a while, and I still use this patch in other projects:

I hope I’m not too late for the party, but I have a nice package init waiting:

Mostly needs someone to go over the changes to the script, the changes I am more confident in. Perl is not really in my bailiwick. This one had already bitrotted a bit, and as there are other changes to boot stuff coming, I’d rather not end up maintaining it locally longer-term…

I’m looking for review regarding some changes to the phpfpm module.

I’ve mentioned these before but the following are still waiting either to be reviewed or just merged

And this trivial change is also starting to show its age

I’m looking for review regarding a small change to nixos/display-managers/default.nix :

I have pr I submitted and have been using without issue for a while now. Basically it allows sound.mediaKeys to work with pulseaudio. Doesn’t seem like anyone else has had time to review it but it works just fine and hasn’t caused me any issues. Should be ready to merge. Hopefully someone can take a look.

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I’ve got a really old review that was just waiting for someone to test. I’ve been using it for about half a year now though we think it may not work on Desktop environments so if anyone is using a window manager and could quickly check it that would be great.

This is a small but very nice modification of nixos-install that allows to install into an nspawn compatible container (test and documentation included in the PR!). I have already approved it but a second opinion would be very welcome.

This one integrates the orangefs network filesystem into NixOS (intended for HPC environments):

Small technical fix (it disables an impossible flag combination, opencv + cuda + 32bit):

This one is out of scope for me, but the author thinks it is ready.

this one should be pretty ready for merge

I’ve mentioned it before, but my installShellFiles PR is just sitting there waiting for someone to merge it.

I recently did a PR for Softmaker’s FreeOffice. There was a review with useful feedback that I addressed. But then nothing happened:

I have closed the PR, because it turned out to be easy to make a single generic derivation for both FreeOffice and SoftMaker Office, which I submitted in the following PR:

It would be nice to get a review of this PR. It would be extra nice if we had FreeOffice in 19.09 :wink: .

I’ve packaged the system-syzygy game, and it made 20 day it hasn’t receved a suggestion or got merged.

This is great, thank you for doing this. Hope it gets reviewed soon.

This PR sets a couple of kernel options to allow applications to see more power information on some machines. Concretely, it lets s-tui show power information, which is nice.

I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing with kernel options, but this mirrors what Arch does and seems to work!

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I would love to get a review for this

I have reviewed this pr and think it is pretty much ready for merge. Would be good to get a second pair of eyes on it

Xcode 11 is out so I’d really like to get the macvim Xcode 11 compatibility fix merged. I’ve been running it locally with no problems.