The Nix Hour, a weekly Nix Q&A Lecture by Tweag

Tweag is pleased to announce the weekly Nix Hour hosted by me! This is a beginner-oriented improvised Q&A-style lecture on Nix, where you can bring your questions and we’ll answer them with more context, examples, alternatives, tradeoffs and related topics.

Internally this was started by @layus in a different format, but eventually I took over and changed it to this Q&A lecture style. We’ve seen this work really well within Tweag and figured it would be very useful to open it to the public, so here we are!

The first public Nix Hour was already held in-person at Nixcon titled “QA Nix Lecture”, whose recording is now available here.

For now, the Nix Hour will happen every Thursday at 14:00 CEST in this Google Meet (no Google account required). For future updates, the meeting is also tracked in the NixOS calendar. Anybody interested in listening in or asking your own questions is welcome to join.

The meeting is recorded and later uploaded to the Nix Hour Playlist on the Tweag YouTube channel. Once we have the setup for it, we also plan to live-stream the meeting to YouTube directly and answering questions from the live comments.

See you there!


The Google Meet link is broken for me

Oh no, I didn’t paste the https:// in the beginning, sorry for that! We just had the Nix hour, apparently some people still managed to join despite that. I fixed the link for the future, and soon I’ll upload this weeks recording to YouTube.

The second recording from yesterday is now uploaded: The Nix Hour #2 - YouTube


Would you be willing to take pre-submitted questions for those of us who will be sleeping or unable to attend but want to interact and view the videos later?

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We always need some prompt to start off with and this would take care of that, I’d say let’s try it out! So feel free to ask questions in this thread and we can take a look at them in the next Nix Hour :slight_smile:


The last week’s Nix Hour recording is here.

Reminder that the next Nix Hour will be tomorrow (Thursday) 14:00 CET in this Google meet, feel free to bring any question about Nix and we’ll try our best to answer them :slight_smile:

Hosted by Flying Circus.